Amasanti BB California Gold – SOLD

Castle Rock Black Bacarra *B x Kyeema Ridge GG Georgia VVEE88

Fred - Right profile 25%
“Fred” at 3 months old
The first – and largest – of quad bucklings,  Fred is friendly, disbudded, tatooed, up-to-date on dewormer and vaccinations. He’s showing great length and depth of body. His color is gold chamoisee. A very nice boy. He and his brother Wasabi are nearly identical, and I will be keeping his brother to use in my own herd.  (My sons named them after watching Big Hero Six… can ya tell? 😉
His dam – Kyeema Ridge GG Georgia VVEE88 – is a strong, structurally correct doe with excellent body capacity and  mammary system with nice-sized, plumb easy-to-milk teats. Georgia is on her way to earning her milk star this year. Y
His sire is Castle Rock Black Bacarra *B. Bacarra is just a yearling and Fred is among his first kids. He is long-bodied with loose, pliable skin, great width between the ribs, and oh so dairy. He is one of the only west coast bred bucks in the area (that I know of), and has an outstanding pedigree behind him. In case you can’t tell, I have high hopes for him.
Bacarra’s dam – Castle Rock Tuscan Sun – is a permanent champion and a star milker who just scored VEEE90 as a 7-year old. She comes from solid southern lines – Tx Twincreeks and Woodhaven Farm with a little Rosasharn sprinkled in her dam’s top side.
The genetics on the topside of Bacarra’s pedigree include some of the best in the breed. His sire is ADGA Elite buck Castle Rock Cleveland Sage.  His paternal granddam is superior genetics champion Castle Rock Alum Root *M. Alum Root is a beautiful doe with an incredible udder, Top 10 milk production, and excellent conformation. LA score EEEE91 as a 6-year old. His sire’s dam is SGCH Algedi Farm Purple Rain – another Top 10 milker – from Rosasharn Lines.
There are beautiful udders and great production in this pedigree and I anticipate Fred is going to make a very nice herd sire.  He will be available to go to his new home this fall after I have had the chance to breed him to a couple of my does and confirm pregnancies.

Fred top view -25%Fred - what a handsome face

Georgia's 3rd freshening udder
Georgia’s 3rd freshening udder